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Wild Hearts Ranch is more then just riding..

For horse enthusiasts throughout Algoma, Prince Township is known for the tradition of horse farms, ranches, and stables. The history of raising and riding horses for many in Prince goes back generations.

Wild Hearts Ranch is one of those heritage horse farms that has recently been taken over by Operator/ Instructor Jennifer-Lee Teresinski, whose upbringing with her family in Prince Township was all about her horses.

Formerly known as Marin Meadows, the stable was managed by Mike and Patty Marin for close to 20 years. They handed the reins over to Jennifer in 2019. Fortunately, lockdowns and indoor restrictions during the pandemic did not negatively impact Ms. Teresinki’s efforts to relaunch the facility, as parents were searching to find enjoyable outdoor activities for their children. Her new enterprise benefited also by the encouragement of the local horse community, eager volunteers, supportive family and friends, as well as the many riding lesson students, parents and guests who left with smiles.

Former operators, the Marins, were instrumental in mentoring Jennifer through the ins and outs of the farm and homestead, as well as mentoring her on their experiences as stable owners.

For horse care and feeding, there were individuals like Veterinarian Keith Good, Ferrier Kenny Prince, and local businesses serving farmers, like Cindy at Algoma Co-Op and Brent at Peavey Mart.

Walking into the equine world makes you understand and appreciate what's required to enjoy and connect with the majestic horses.

Riding Lessons are a foundation for critical life skills

Riding lessons at Wild Hearts Ranch include experiencing the rustic charm of the stables and its 25 acres of meadows and streams. And along with the instruction, you are immersed in the lives of the horses.

The educational space allows for all who arrive an environment to learn and grow as horse and rider. Whether you are at Wild Hearts Ranch for competitive show riding, leisure horsemanship or equine therapy, the most memorable moment of your visits may come from simple things like brushing the horse or feeding hand treats to the miniature ponies.

Riding lessons at Wild Hearts Ranch are offered year-round and perfect for any age and physical condition. The sessions are formatted for private, semiprivate, or in groups. Seasonal bookings are over eight-week periods, whereby the student attends a two-hour lesson one day per week. The very popular ‘Full School Year Program’ runs parallel to the school calendar year, allowing for other pursuits for children and teens during the summer holidays. The ability to gain overall well-being is the foundation of the Wild Hearts Ranch approach. The child will be part of an environment that promotes patience, connection, courage, and love. The equine assisted learning classes use holistic methods to achieve potential goals.

The instructor coaches each student at their own pace to overcome obstacles. While it’s the horses that teach character, strength, leadership, and teamwork.

“Many kids come to the farm because they are dealing with bullying, anxiety or depression,” says Jennifer. “It's not just about horseback riding lessons. Everyone who comes to Wild Hearts Ranch has their own goal. Some come for the equine instruction, others to get help with overcoming obstacles and barriers they’ve faced in their lives. It truly is a learning space.”

“Equine assisted learning or equine therapy can help kids dealing with divorce, separation, grandparents passing away, social issues or challenges like hand-eye coordination, muscle memory, or for most kinds of perceived stigmas. It is healing in so many ways.”

Wild Hearts Ranch offers more than riding lessons

Birthday parties

Wild Hearts Ranch is also the choice for parents to host an ‘away from home’ birthday party. Staff at the farm arrange and prep as per your theme. Fresh air, lots of space, and a variety of entertaining activities can be added like horseback riding, miniature pony rides, face painting, balloon art, cow roping, tug of war, and lots of other fun stuff. The facility also boasts a separate party room that's included for your event.

Photo shoots

The farm's picturesque setting is available as a site for photo shoots when having that special occasion. Wedding photos, graduations, family photos, etc. Find just the right spot beside the horses, or in the old barn and hayloft, or picture taking in the meadow next to the fast-flowing creek, all are a unique and unforgettable backdrop to capture that special moment.

Trail riding

Trail riding is available for those who have an interest in leisure riding and are willing to explore a new adventure. Trail rides at Wild Hearts Ranch in Sault Ste. Marie are a great way for couples to share special times, mother/daughter alone-time-days, or a get-together with a friend.

Trail Rides are excellent for individuals who may be considering an involvement in horsemanship and possibly horse ownership or lease. The trail ride is a tour around the enclosed field on horseback with guides to show you the ropes. The process of getting your horse assigned, tacking and the thrill of riding through the meadow is unmatched.


Miniature ponies

Wild Hearts Ranch is also home to four miniature ponies that are certainly most endearing to young children. Pony rides can be arranged as part of a birthday party booking or ideal for a family visit with friends.


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