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Diamond In The Ruff

This is Silver, the reasoning of why we are here and why we created Wild Hearts Ranch. Silver was purchased about 7 years ago by a family member that boarded her at a nice barn in Echo Bay. Silver was test rode and had an attitude the hole time to being purchased to be trailered to the barn in Caledon were we boarded at the time. With the erg to be near family and Jennifer erg to move back up North calling it home. We packed our bag and trailered Silver back up North. We built our own barn in Havilland, learning more about Silver everyday. Sydney and Silver fell in love working through the ups and downs, along with the blood, sweat and tears. The erg to never give up kept there love strong and built as a team. Silver has been Sydney`s bestfriend and horse ever since. Without meeting Silver, would we of moved back up North or stayed in Toronto? Would we be where we are today? Everything happens in life for a reason, don`t push it away, you never know you might make a friend.

~Sydney Teresinski

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