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This lesson provides the potential new rider with a 2 hour window to come to the Property. During which we will They'll go over which discipline they would like to go forward with. What experience they've had with horses. Assess what level of rider they are as well as which horse may suit them best. The rider will learn about the barn, the horses we have as well as learn about the instructor and staff they may come in contact with should they continue onto lessons.


Riding lessons


For our riding lessons we offer 1.5 hours per rider. During which the rider will spend 30 minutes catching their assigned horse, grooming, and tacking up their horse(staff is present at all times should help be required). After they've finished tacking up they will lead the horse to the riding arena where the lesson will be held. before each lesson should the rider wish to try adifferent discipline they must inform the instructor ahead of time so she is able to make changes to her lesson program

School Year Package


Runs from September to June


Offers the same as the Riding lesson program and includes training to be a ranch *Wrangler.


*They'll learn additional skills, theoretical knowledge and in depth nutritional knowledge pertaining to the horse they are assigned as well general knowledge on how to take care of multiple horses, and more.

About Our Leather

Trail Rides

Birthday Parties

$100/ hour

A 1 hour ride through the field and on property trail. Maximum 2 riders per package.

A Guide will be assigned to all groups and outings for the safety of the riders and horses.


*Other options available for in house riders depending on riding level and lesson progress. Please contact for more Information.


At this point in time we only offer 1 type of birthday package. Please contact for more details.

Pony Rides


Each appointment is set up for no more than 4 people per group.

Riding generally in the arena.


            Contact us for more info





By application only. Generally only available for those in lessons or were previously in lessons with us.

Sleigh Rides


Winter only. Weather pending

We offer 2 types of packages

The Standard-$50

30 minute sleigh ride around the designated area. Includes pictures.


Same as the above with the addition of being assigned a designated time to watch as the driver harnesses the horse, connects the sleigh and they will also explains how they drive the horse. Includes pictures. up to 4 people with either package.

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